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Main Street Author

Discover a strategy that is working right now...
Transforming everyday professionals just like you
… into the TRUSTED EXPERT for their market

See For Yourself...

Why a Book?

It’s no secret expert recognition provides a strong advantage for getting the upper hand on the competition.

Let’s face it, most people know how to use Google to find real estate agents, chiropractor, accountant, or attorney…. But the fact is, most have no idea how to pick the right person to work with. 

One thing they do know…they want to work with an “Expert.”

When prospects see you as the “Expert,” it makes it easy for them to choose you over the competition.

Main Street Author

The Main Street Author Difference

It's NOT About Creating A Book To Sell…
It’s About Creating A Book That  SELLS YOU!

A Main Street Author Short Book isn't just pages with words; it's your stamp of authority, your badge of expertise. The moment you have a book to your name, you're not just another face in the crowd; you're THE FACE of the solution that your prospects desperately want and need.

A Main Street Author Book Is...
The Ultimate Business Card

Having your own book has proven to be one of the most powerful tools for creating Instant Credibility and Trust ... it positions you as the Expert in the minds of your prospects!

A Main Street Author book is indeed the Ultimate Business Card... but unlike regular business cards that generally get thrown away...

... a book has a high perceived value... prospects actually appreciate the gift... so they don't end up in the trash…

...and even better.. they get passed on to others.


A Main Street Author Book Is...
The Ultimate Referral Tool

When prospects and customers…  sell you to other prospects and customers it’s simply the most powerful promotion of all... 

Providing valuable and easy-to-understand information in a book… makes it easy for people to share my message with others.

It’s just human nature… when people know the person who wrote the book… they will tell everyone they know who is dealing with the problem that your book solves…

Word-of-mouth advertising just can’t be replaced… 

...and a book enables word of mouth better than just about any other marketing.

Main Street Author

Positioning You As The "GO-TO-EXPERT"
In A Competitive Market Is What We Do Best !

With over six decades of combined marketing and book publishing experience - our team has put in the hard yards to make sure the Main Street Author Program is designed to produce a high quality book that's engaging and helpful that benefits both the reader and your business.

Yep, we’ve been doing this for a long time. Our unique brand of short, helpful books follow a very specific direct-response marketing formula that can create a big impact for local businesses and professional service providers.

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